Reject Claims with an Invalid Prefix

Member ID Number Prefix Update..

We want you to know about a recent change we made to our Member ID card prefixes. Effective April 15, 2018, we modified them to allow numeric characters in addition to the traditional alpha-only ones.

We made this decision to expand the pool of prefixes needed to support the various BlueCross plans. In addition to the three-character, alpha-only prefixes, you’ll begin seeing alpha-numeric prefixes, e.g., A2A, 2AA, 22A, AA2, 2A2, A22. The Federal Employee Program will continue to use Member ID numbers that begin with an R followed by eight numeric characters.

Remember, claims should be submitted with the Member ID number exactly as it appears on the Member ID card including the prefix. We use prefixes to identify the member’s type of coverage, obtain health plan contract information and route claims to the correct Home Plan through the BlueCard and Inter-Plan Programs.

To allow you time to transition to the new prefixes, we’ll verify the Member ID prefix through May 31 and make corrections if needed. Starting June 1, however, we’ll begin to reject claims with an invalid prefix.